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Decent fight scenes

Well done mate, theres a couple of spelling mistakes in there, the one i noticed the most was when Green boy (lol) was talking to Shadow and said 'saty out of my way.' Im guessin you meant get out of my way? Just major mistype?

But other than that its really good. Not sure what extra sounds you wanted, was v.good with the ones you've got.

Light-Spriter responds:

thanks, the second one should be better

Was really good

but just to short. I know its a trailer, but I think you should have held out and finished the whole thing really. Very smooth though dude! I just need to learn how to do it all that smooth haha

devilmancool responds:

actually there is alot more of the animation already done.
I just took a segment from the animation for the trailer.

Uve defo got better

You have really improved in your flash since your first one lol. I cant help but feel that the ending was abit sudden? It was good dont get me wrong tho. good job

sonicmcbob responds:

thx! how is Sonic TAO coming?

short yes lol

i cant give much for this as there isnt realiy much to say. But I think you do seem to have a decent Idea for a full flash animation. but one main thing, remember to spellc check. Theres simple mistakes that you've made Im guessing from typing fast? 'This Srping' Just simple mistakes, but sort them out n the grammer people out there will be alot happier lol

Assassin223 responds:

I type fast, well i guess its fast, 62wpm?

your getting better

just little things you just need 2 change, you do need 2 spell check before you upload your flashes, 'freind' was spelt wrong a couple of times. (someone already pointed that out in a previous review) also noticed that some of the sprites werent cut out probably and things, the nintendo sign had extra white bits around the edges.

Other than them couple of things you've done well. Spesh after using my sprites you never credited me for

sonicmcbob responds:

sry man, i didn't kno any of the sprites were rightfuly urs.

3rd submission?

of the same thing? why?

thescorpionmaster responds:


you have improved

I do agree with some of the guys below me though, you do need some music in spots. Sometimes its just 2 quiet and needs some sort of background music. Also the text sometimes is on the screen for abit long than it should be? I dont know if thats just me being a fast reader though.

Other than them, good job


sonicmcbob responds:

thx, i just told the guy below this but if u hav anygood music please send it to me or give the link

you improved loads

much better dude. now if you get a decent story to go along wiv your animating ur there!!


mortis5000 responds:

Yeah I'm working on that

i lol'd

was the how he got up and assinated guards and the 'oh thats a horrible ending im sorry' lol loved it

KartuneHustla responds:

hahah yeah, tomamoto is a genius

very kool

love the style! make a longer movie n it will be wicked =)

DikkopStudios responds:

N'allrighty thanks!

Hey Peeps, Im into sprite movies, creating and watching. Im slowly moving onto other projects and styles, but mainly focusing on Sprites for now -Akradon-

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