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not a bad idea..

but it does need sound. If there was sound I would've give it a higher score.

i gave you a 3 and 7....

but thats only because your basically ripping off SMBZ. I know you said that you were inspired by that flash, even I was inspired by that flash for my flash movies. But your using the same story with slight changes. Different mecha sonic, shadowballs not emeralds, and its even in the mushroom kingdom, the race between Sonic and Shadow, similar to the race with Mario and Wario in the first episode of SMBZ. You even used the same starting music and title as SMBZ does! Its understandable that Alvin does inspire ALOT and I mean ALOT of flash movies, but your copying it way too much.

You are an amazing animator, great skills there, but you just need your own story, your own plot.



it started off like it was guna be an alright flash. but then you just got bored and decided to finish it?

paddy-ryan responds:


it was good.

dont know that much about Naruto, so dont know how accurate it is with moves etc. But still its good. Have to say the audio speech was abit annoying though

mortis5000 responds:

Thank You I will have to pick better audio

trailers not so good.

its not that I dont think you did well with it. But I dont like it when people submit trailers. Its like why waste time and effort making a trailer when you could be working on the full thing. Hope you get what I mean. Your sprite work seems to be improving, although I did see Gill disappear before he was meant to. But hope Ep3 is out soon, and will watch that as well.

mortis5000 responds:

Thank You...and now when I think about it you are totally right....

much better

you used flash this time and it looked So much better! Nice fitted sequences. One problem I have got is the talk bar with Sean. You cant read some of the writing because of the clash of colours. Nothing major, but its a little thing you might wana take into consideration? Also do you use Vcam?

mortis5000 responds:

Thanks for the advice...and yeah I do.


sorry mate but sprite movies from a movie is a no no. It shoulda been done in flash straight off. thought it looked like a printed piece of paper with the disclaimer. Then the sprites came on and I was 100% sure it was recorded off a movie. Im hoping that you use flash for the next few. (also episode is spelt wrong on the title screen, (which the intro was way too long))

mortis5000 responds:

Yeah I will probably retcon this episode and redo it all in flash....

you submitted this yesterday?

and its looks exactly the same. Did you do anything different to it at all?

very good movie!

just one question....who did the music??


ur first movie was amazin...sadly...this wasnt :( what happened?

Hey Peeps, Im into sprite movies, creating and watching. Im slowly moving onto other projects and styles, but mainly focusing on Sprites for now -Akradon-

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