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good start

animation was abit rough, but the movie was an orginal idea (as far as im aware anyway) keep up the work on animation and think of a really good story and you could be really good


good start

but you need to make a sprite movie with a story..a plot or something

good start....

but needs to be abit more fluid

haha was funni

loved the easter eggs at the end haha


very good animation! ended a bit suddenly lol, but it was still reali gd

yea it good but....

like u sed....youtube is where it belongs...not here

manicmonkeydrummer responds:

Yes but youtube spazzafied my vid

well done! reali impressed

very good animation mate! very impressed indeed. Loved chameleon peeking out from behind the statues in the main fight lol, made me laugh just to see his head pop out of no where lol

Red-Lantern responds:

he he, I wanted to add some type of comedy in there and I am proud to hear that you were really impressed.

nice start!

very good start if this is your first movie. Love sprite movies myself so its all good :) some of the sfx got a bit repetative (and yes i know what that means lol) but they werent to bad, some of the animation was a bit glitchy, like things in the background suddenly appearing, but that sort of error will disappear with time as long as you carry on with your work.

All in all and good flash mate, keep it up and hoping to see some more work in the future......

also what sprites are they? did you create them or are they from a game??

yea tis good...

animation wise...but the file size it was 2 big such a short flash. try n get file sizes smaller n it will b much better

good start....

you av more skills than me in the drawings dept anyway! but work on a flash that has a story, and bit longer...was it me or was that bit of him eating the sandwhich loads of piccys from a digi cam? i kno its a pain, but work thru the long hours of animation..makes it worth it in the end.

The sound went out of sync right at the end, but keep workin on it


Hey Peeps, Im into sprite movies, creating and watching. Im slowly moving onto other projects and styles, but mainly focusing on Sprites for now -Akradon-

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